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Humble Beginnings

Localicity is a powerful local first e-commerce marketplace.

We use fast upload and inventory syncing technology to set up local vendors to create positive and long lasting impacts for communities within Canada. We give small businesses, and makers a platform to gain significant online exposure to flourish without the cost.

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Product & Inventory Sync

Localicity is using new proprietary technology to sync vendors products from their existing websites, so there is no need to worry about managing another platform. This technology also allows Localicity to sync your inventory feed in real time, so you do not need to worry about inventory conflicts!

Local Shops

Localicity features Canada based artisans, hand crafted and designed goods where you can selectively choose locations. Localicity weeds out dropshippers and China based, fast produced goods giving you an unsaturated localized marketplace. Save your favorite products to your wishlist!


You can become a part of Localicity's Local Legends loyalty program where you receive a point for every local dollar spent which you can redeem for percentages off future orders. Win, win, win! Sign up today!