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Magidome was designed and created by Ryan as a way to empower others to build lightweight, versatile structures. With its simplicity, a Magidome can help grow food, shelter for those in need, bring people together, and inspire others to create and spend quality time with one another. The intention was a minimalist design that is so easy to construct it leaves you feeling fulfilled and accomplished. The Injection molded slotted angled dome connector was designed to envelope and best utilize common affordable hardware store nominal "1x2" style timbers (19mmx38mm) in a geodesic formation for a versatile magic dome! This allows for user-friendly assembly, and transportation. Our connectors can be used for both outdoor/indoor applications

It is the long term goal of Magidome to connect with communities to help grow food and house those most vulnerable. Providing an affordable lightweight shelter for those without a safe place to call home.

In a nutshell, Magidome is meant to make the world a more dynamic, engaging, and interesting place. We like bringing people together and watching people's creativity and imaginations flourish. Greenhouse? Pergola? Trellis? Playhouse? You can build it with Magidome!

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